AFK Arena's Complete Team Building Guide for 2022

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With the fantastic AFK advancement system, players can acquire a customized squad and advance at a positive and gratifying rate.

A hero collection card game, AFK Arena, was released in 2019 and installed over 10 million times from the Google Play store.

Hero collection is the main objective of gacha games. Your chances of developing a team composition that successfully solves the challenge are higher the better you have.

Your best chance in the AFK Arena is to start with the top heroes, according to this best team-building advice. Here is the article about teamwork you were seeking in the interim.

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What Is AFK Arena?

A standby RPG game is AFK Arena. To prevent an ancient evil from killing the Esperian realm, join players from all across the world. With the fantastic AFK advancement system, players can acquire a customized squad and advance at a positive and gratifying rate.

A hero grouping card game called AFK Arena was released in 2019 and has acquired over 10 million downloads from the Google Play store on the system. The competition aims to assemble heroes and their unique battle advantages to go through the story mode and defeat the King's Tower final boss.

With more than 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store, AFK Arena has set itself as one of the popular mobile Gacha games.

It features a sizable cast of endearing characters, the most noteworthy of whom being Hypogeans and Dimensionals, as well as standout cameos by performers like Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed.

The Best Teams to Play Early Game in AFK Arena

This is a crucial component of any gacha because the game is so generous with the tips it provides. It has become a familiar mechanic designers use to suggest that their game is more rewarding than others.

The more skillfully you play, the more evident the initial quantity of prizes gets smaller until you receive an average amount each day.

You would be better served rerolling till you got the following heroes to take advantage of this early game growth. This is the most acceptable team composition to choose from in the next part if you have the best heroes.

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1 - Shemira

Her versatility and usage in the early game are hard to match. She performs well against bosses and other game environments, such as Journey of Wonders or the Peaks of Duration, and is acceptable in PvP(player vs player).

Shemira is available for purchase in the Labyrinth Store and is found in Peaks of Time Chapter 7. If you do not have Belinda immediately, she is a suitable replacement.

2 - Lucius

He is an easy-to-use go-to tank that heals your group, reduces the amount of damage everyone takes by 75%, deals damage reduction bubbles, and knocks back foes. He possesses all the qualities you could ask for in a frontline.

3 - Estrilda

She's a great carry. When she uses her Royal Charge, she charges into the opposition to knock them to the ground. Although helpful, she will leave your backline somewhat exposed, so if she is upfront, set her up correctly.

4 - Brutus

He is strong enough to take a significant loss but can also cause quite a bit of harm. His Last Gasp temporarily renders him immune to all incoming damage, while Level 2 of his Whirlwind renders him resistant to Magic Damage.

5 - Hogan

For the earlier game, Hogan is a devoted frontline. His Zealous Strike at Level 3 counts as a stun, whereas the Knight's Fury damages opponents by ruin.

The Best Teams to Play Mid-Game in AFK Arena

The following section contains one of the finest team lineups for AFK Arena's midgame.

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1 - Saveas 

Saveas is a superior DPS, especially if Brutus is also in the composition. He gets along well with Nemora since she will give him the benefit of the doubt when she would typically cure him due to the self-damage caused by Burning Acrimony.

2 - Brutus

Any physical-based DPS is in the backline because of how much physical damage his Roar increases.

3 - Arden and Nemora

The functions of these two are flexible. You should be able to maneuver them to control critical opponents freely. Nemora is not only one of the most effective healers, but she can also use her Beguile to trick an enemy into attacking one of their comrades.

The Best Teams to Play Late Game and PvP in AFK Arena

The time has come to reevaluate your team composition because specific teams do better than others in the endgame scenarios provided below.

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1 - Brutus

We want him in the first place, top right, since the more damage he causes, the more he acquires. Thoran could serve as a stand-in if you don't have him. He is occasionally more durable but does less DPS overall.

2 - Shemira

Our primary damage dealer is positioned in the second spot so that she can receive enough attacks to activate her ultimate. This position couldn't be better since she will still get to cast very early on, even if she is overcome and does not get into Brutus' slot at all.

3 - Lyca

The increase in attack speed and energy cost gets better. She excels as support once you reach level 201, and you won't ever want her to leave.

4 - Nemora

Once more, the charm is a valuable tool to help you succeed. To achieve the most satisfactory CC outcomes, move her about.


These are far more powerful and popular AFK Arena team combinations thus far. If you use this article to complete the same duties as each of these heroes, you can locate replacements. Even while you are not required to do so, it would be beneficial if you could.