Fanwai Qiang Flute Autumn Sound Wet Bamboo Heart Suzi Flower Martyrdom

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Siege equipment was pushed, constantly into the direction of the siege, surrounded by silver fighters arch guard, just stopped, nervous operators are busy green up, adjust the fore sight, loading crossbow and fire crystal bullets, etc., quickly into the state of the city.

Biting, sucking, squeezing, he savaged her lips. At this time, her upper body was not covered, his tall figure rolled over her body, squeezing her completely in his chest and wall, Li Zhu clearly felt that his place, his place across his robe, across her underwear, hard against her waist and abdomen. Blood filled their mouths, and Li Zhu was frightened. In the quiet night, only the rough breathing of the two men and the sound of their lips and teeth could be heard. When the man loosened her hand and pulled the last layer of underwear on her body, she hurriedly raised her free hand and slapped the man hard. The "snap" was particularly loud. The man was completely caught off guard. Furious, he slowly let go of her lips and held her, his eyes about to crack. Would you rather send another man to the door than touch this palace? He asked, in a hoarse voice, as if it were not his. Yes Li Zhu gritted his teeth to hold back the thin tremor of his body and mind, to hold back the mist in his eyes, and to look at him with the same fixed gaze, the same chest ups and downs, "If you want me to die in the Prince's Mansion, you can continue!" The man pursed his lips tightly. The sound of the chest rising and falling is very loud, like pulling a bellows. Li Zhu found that his own lips had been bitten in the entanglement just now. Eyebrows a few move, the man suddenly laughed, low laugh out loud,tile trim manufacturers, with mockery, but also with self-mockery, but also with a bit of determination and arrogance: "Li Zhu, do you think this palace really want to touch you?"? What kind of woman does this palace want? Do you want this broken shoe? Even if you are willing, I am afraid of dirtying my body! The voice fell heavily, and he let go of her, straightened up, stepped back, and turned away. After a few steps,china tile trim, he suddenly stopped, turned around and walked back again. At the same time, he raised his hand and threw it at her face. Li Zhu was so frightened that he cried out and instinctively lowered his head to hide. He was already in front of her, and her head was buried in his chest. With a "bang", his outstretched hand fell. Li Zhu fell on his chest and trembled. The expected pain did not come, and the man's hand grazed her ear and hit the wall behind her with a heavy punch. She was trembling and panting. He, too, was trembling and panting. She did not lift her head from his chest for a long time. He also stood still for a long time before he withdrew his bloody fist from the wall, turned decisively, and took a step away. Without stopping, he went straight out of the door without looking back. The door was brought up with a bang, and Li Zhu's heart trembled and he came to his senses. As if all her life had been taken away at once, she slid slowly down the wall to the ground, reached out to pick up the pocket clothes on the ground, held them in front of her chest, and refused to move for a long time. Yes, she is not perfect. When he made a deal with the emperor, the emperor said that Qin Qiang was not easy to cheat, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminium edge trim, shrewd and stubborn, so since they were acting, they should be true, there can be no loopholes, any place that may be exposed should be taken into account and handled well. The emperor asked her to find a way to break her virginity. She used the medicine to herself, the medicine that could make her become a virgin. In the dim light of night, thunder dust and thunder smoke came one after the other in the direction of the pharmacy. Thunder smoke just back in the afternoon, has successfully completed the task given to her by Qin Qiang, dressed up as Li Zhu in the big Chu blind run, and then successfully get rid of a few people. They brother and sister two people are Qin Qiang's personal bodyguard, originally is to have been followed Qin Qiang, even in the house. Just Qin Qiang said he walked, let them not to follow, they do as they say, can see the night is deep, time has been a long time, Qin Qiang has not come back, safety first, they decided to look for it. It was the thunder dust that first discovered the superficial figure of the footsteps under the faint night. Your Highness. He hurried to meet him. Thunder smoke followed closely. Before they got close, they smelled the strong smell of wine, and the man was obviously holding a flagon in his hand, drinking while walking. Brother and sister were surprised. Because he had been serving closely, he was very clear about his likes and dislikes, and ordered that no one in the house should drink except on festivals, not for others to see, but that he really did not like drinking, except for the necessary entertainment, he usually did not touch it. Tonight this is.. Seeing his footsteps staggering, the thunder dust came forward to hold his arm and tried to take down the flagon in his hand, "Your Highness." However, failed to do so. With a wave of his arm, the man blocked it back. The moonlight was bright, the stars were bright, and the lanterns were on, so the line of sight was still Pure Brightness. They saw that the man's cheeks were red, his eyes were redder than his cheeks, as if they were about to bleed, and his lips were not sure whether they had been bitten or where they had been cut, and they were still a little swollen. Thunder dust also dare not pick up again, had to let him go, just help him to go back to the direction of the room. The man seemed to think of something and turned his head to order the thunder smoke. Because his tongue was already a little stiff, what he said was a little vague. Lei Yan made a careful distinction before he realized that what he said was: "Send a set of maid's clothes to the pharmacy." The next morning, Tremella came to the pharmacy as soon as she got up. Cheap heart, separate out. When she opened the door, she was shocked by everything in the room, and she didn't finish her words. The cabinet was empty, and the baskets originally placed in the corner were still there, and all kinds of medicines in the baskets were still mixed together. The woman sat at the table, motionless, as if in a daze, as if thinking about things, even the candles on the table were not extinguished. Why don't you have any points? Tremella frowned, came forward doubtfully, and "poof" blew out the oil lamp on the table. Although she knew that it was impossible to separate all these medicines in one day, she did not think that she had not divided any of them. Yesterday let Tong Wen send food to come over, also did not listen to Tong Wen to say. This woman.. Tremella sighed in a low voice: "I know,stainless steel tile edge trim, this is a task that can not be completed, but you should also try your best to solve the problem. You are just a servant. You say you are like this now.." "I'll get out." Tremella's words have not been finished, was suddenly interrupted by Li Zhu. Tremella was stunned.